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I'm Shami (the guy behind WizBuskOut.) I'm an avid reader, enthusiast, and life-long learner. I've created this website to share the lessons I learn from all the non-fiction books I read. I firmly believe that reading is a superpower. Other than that, I'm also a SEO Content Writer And Content Marketer. Let's connect! (If you're on LinkedIn.)

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Atomic Habits Summary

In Atomic Habits by James Clear, you’ll learn why habits are atomic in nature and how you can achieve remarkable results in your life by making small changes in your habits.

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The Psychology Of Money Summary Featured

In The Psychology Of Money by Morgan Housel, you’ll learn how most people are usually wrong about money and how luck and risks are often underestimated while making financial decisions.

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Before you start up summary

Before You Startup by Pankaj Goyal is a great guide for aspiring entrepreneurs with big dreams. Throughout this book, he talks about the mistakes most entrepreneurs make in their journey.

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Clockwork Book Summary

In Clockwork: Build Your Business To Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz, you’ll learn how you can build a business that runs like clockwork while you reclaim your freedom and stop grinding in your business.

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