About WizBuskOut

“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”

~Mark Twain

Welcome to wizbuskout.com — A blog that helps people learn key ideas from non-fiction books fast and effectively.

A place where future leaders come to boost their knowledge & wisdom.

Helped over 100k people grow their knowledge in the last 12 months.

This blog will help you learn critical life skills like understanding the mind, entrepreneurship, self-knowledge, wisdom, seeing things clearly, and more…

This blog will help you reach and realize your full potential… And see the reality as it is.

This blog will help you grow in both the outer world and the inner world.

Why should You care?

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  • Love reading non-fiction books?
  • Want to skyrocket your learning about all those things that matter in life?
  • Want to grow your business by learning strategies?
  • Want to boost your productivity and reach your goals faster?
  • Want to reprogram yourself to become a high-performer?
  • Want to become wise and avoid any future problems?
  • Addicted to learning great ideas and ready to challenge yourself?
  • Want to become a reader… and then a leader?

If you nodded your head in affirmation to any of the questions above…

Or if you have ever struggled to read non-fiction books…

You are in the right place!

The main motive behind WizBuskOut is just one:

To help you become the best version of yourself.

And if you have any business, you’ll get to read foundational business strategies from books.

Here, you get SUMMARIES or lessons from bestselling non-fiction books.

That means you can digest thousands of pages in a book in just 8-10 minutes without breaking a sweat.

In addition to that, I also share value-packed ARTICLES on various topics.

Now you can also watch premium animated videos for free. (I’ll pay for it all. You just LEARN.)

Since I mostly read non-fiction books, the topics I cover include:

  • Business
  • Productivity
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Spirituality
  • Motivation

In short: Everything about Entrepreneurship & Life.

I believe that life is like a business. You have limited resources. And you’ve got to make the most of it.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset helps you grow faster than anybody else.

Put in simple words:

Whatever wisdom I uncover, I share it here on this blog.

Think of this as a university of life that teaches you about things not taught in schools and colleges.

Why read book summaries?

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Good question. Why should one bother reading book summaries when all the information is available for free?

Yes, you have countless books. You have Google & Wikipedia for pretty much anything.

You have the college books to learn about anything.

But the question is:

After investing so much time, energy, and money, how much return are you getting?

Is your life getting better?

Or are you just overloading yourself with additional information?

Are you learning actionable ideas from them?

Let’s admit:

Most traditional education sucks these days.

There are many books for you in schools and colleges.

But none of them help you become a better human being.

They teach you about everything else – but “YOU.”

Most successful people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, etc., are self-taught.

Some of them even dropped out of their college.

What do you think they studied after dropping out?

They acquired the knowledge that they needed. They learned actionable ideas.

It’s simple.

WizBuskOut is the ultimate solution to most of the problems in the world today.

You are at the right place – where wisdom finds its home.

Let’s save the world!

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We have plenty of problems in the world right now. Here are a few of them:

  • Climate Change
  • Digital Addiction
  • Lovelessness
  • Identity Crisis
  • Consumerism
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Bad Habits
  • And a lot more…

What do you think will solve these issues?

It’s EDUCATION. (Not what you get at universities)

I mean real-life, actionable education.

That’s the only way to solve most of the global problems.

If everybody is intelligent and wise, there will be no conflicts.

We will make the right decisions based on reality. Not based on opinions and traditions.

Let’s make this world a better place.

That’s the mission!

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Why are Summaries here More Than “Summaries”?

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The book summaries here are my commentaries and discussion on the key ideas from all the books I read.

If you’re looking for some quick tricks that you can apply and get temporary results, sadly, this website isn’t the right fit for you.

I try my best to stick to the context or ideas of the book, but whenever I see an opportunity to add more value to it, I do it.

The summaries here are more or less the compilation of lessons that I’ve learned from the books.

Which means:

These summaries aren’t just short versions of the books. They have something more to them.

I believe “learning” that helps you is always the best.

And that is indeed what you’ll find here.

I’d encourage you to think of these summaries as food for your brain.

Also, there is no point in looking out for lines and ideas that are not given in the book but written in the summaries.

Remember that the objective is to become a more sensible person rather than becoming an information-storing machine.

“What About Copyrights? Are You Stealing Information From Books?”

No. I’m not stealing any information. 😎

The summaries are original on their own.

I don’t just copy and paste snippets from the books.

I respect all the authors, and I realize how much time and effort it takes to write them.

Think of my book summaries as complementary material.

Writing a book’s summary is like doing commentary on it and talking about the ideas discussed in it.

I read the books, pick key ideas, and then write based on my knowledge and experience.

Or I build on a key idea.

Everything that is not quoted is original and is written in my original style. I seriously have no intention of plagiarizing any author.

Note: If you are an author and feel that I’ve plagiarized content from your book, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll resolve any issue.

(Lots of respect for all the authors out there!)

Whenever I use any line from the book, I try to mention it in the summary itself or quote the sentences.

The book summaries I provide here are to educate people and help them grow in their life or grow their businesses.

And as I said earlier:

If you are using these summaries to avoid buying or reading books, you are missing out on a lot of value. You are missing the entire point.

Reading a book summary is like watching the trailer of a movie. So one shouldn’t think that he has consumed a book after reading a book summary.

Pretty logical, right?

But anyway, I make sure that you concisely get all the key ideas.

So don’t worry about that at all.

“Are You Discouraging readers from reading Books?”

undraw book reading re fu2c

Nope! 🤣

No book summary is a substitute for an original book.

A lot of research is done by the authors before writing a book. Many of them spend years building those pages.

And therefore, a book summary can’t be used as a replacement for the original book by the author.

But these summaries will give you a glimpse of the book’s ideas.

Not all books are worth your time!

Some books might change your life, while some might even suck your time like a thirsty vampire.

These book summaries would help you determine whether the book is worth your time or not?

Time is precious, and you must use it wisely.

At the same time, these summaries will help you grow wiser.

But remember that all the lessons that I share in my summaries won’t work unless you take that FIRST step.

Unless you take the right action with the right mindset in the right direction, you won’t be able to move the needle.

Note that:

Here, I share only the top big ideas from the books I read and elaborate on them. If you want to gain in-depth knowledge from a book, you will have to read it in its entirety. 


My goal is: To help you read more books fast.

Not to prevent you from reading them.

I highly recommend that you read books to enhance what you learn here.

“Why Should I Choose WizBuskOut Over The Others?”


You won’t find such in-depth and accurate summaries anywhere else.

And if you do, chances are, they will be paid.

Plus, I spend days reading a single book. I don’t just skip over the details and just pump out a book summary.

I analyze all the key ideas and present them in the best way possible.

The ideas here come from the UNDERSTANDING that I have developed after reading, observing, and experimenting.

In simple words:

My summaries work.

This means that the ideas that I present through my summaries are highly actionable.

My goal is to deliver the best ideas without overwhelming you.

“OK, Enough Talk! So, Who Is Behind All This?

Shami Manohar

Hello reader,

My name is Shami Manohar. I am the founder, writer, and designer behind WizBuskOut (launched on July 1, 2019).

Almost everything you see on this website has been built from the ground up by me only.

Yes, just one person!

I’ve completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. (I don’t know why I did it, though. Fortunately, it helps me to manage this website.)

I also have a Personal Blog where I publish more opinionated articles compared to this one. (There, I explore my ideas and connect the dots.)

I firmly believe that learning must have no boundaries.

In my spare time, I love reading non-fiction books.

And it has been four years since I dived into self-improvement stuff. It helped me think clearly about my life.

I created WizBuskOut to share lessons from books I read.

I am not an expert on self-help or business topics.

But I have an insatiable hunger to gather knowledge about myself and this world.

And develop my understanding of critical aspects of life and business.

I just read a lot 🙂

In 2021 alone, I read more than 120 books. (Effectively)

“Reading is the shortest, most established path to total self-improvement. We know intuitively that this is true. The question is: what active steps are we taking toward our better selves, to improve every aspect of our lives, to ensure success?”

~Ryan Holiday

Every day, I read blogs on the Internet to learn more and more about life.

I don’t own all the books I write summaries for on this website. But most of the time I try to buy them.

And when I don’t buy them, I read them online.

I’m confident that this little library will grow big in the future.

Does having read all these books make me an expert?

Hell, no.

No matter how much I read, I still find myself blank sometimes.

I simply try to widen my perception of this world by reading about those who have lived before and are far more experienced than I.

It feels like an endless pursuit of knowledge.

I’m just a guy like everybody else. And I want to spread the insights that these books hold.

I believe that non-fiction books have the potential to change lives.

With every book that I read, I turn into a better human being.

~Shami Manohar

Reading books and summarizing them here allows me to understand the key points better.

Also, I can always look back, realize, and reflect on my thoughts.

Plus, writing here helps me elevate my writing skills. I try to write around 500 words every day. (Yes, I’ve had days when I spent weeks watching movies and playing games on my laptop. I’m not perfect.)

Talking about the advice that I give on this website, some of them might sound stupid to you.

And I won’t deny it. I still have a long way to go.

Sometimes, I, too, get surprised by how much I don’t know. (It’s funny, isn’t it?)

“But what does this weird name ‘wizbuskout’ mean?”

Many people find it difficult to understand and pronounce, and wonder, “What does it even mean?”

It’s not that important. But still, it needs an explanation.

WizBuskOut is a combination of three words:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Busk 
  3. Out

Let me give you a brief explanation of each term.

1. Wisdom: This website is dedicated to all those who want to become wise and change their worldview. You’d agree, too, that this website is packed with wisdom. The goal is not to become clever or intelligent. The goal is to become wise.

2. Busk: During my childhood, I admired people who busk in the streets (you know, Ed Sheeran type). I love music. So, it’s understandable. Also, I believe that true knowledge is music in itself. It helps you bring closer to your true self. True knowledge illuminates you.

3. Out: I always wanted to let my thoughts out in this fantastic world, considering I’m on the introvert side. I try to put all my honest learnings, ideas, and opinions in front of this world through this website. It’s like unleashing great ideas lying dormant and eating dust within books.

So, I combined these words…

And what I got was a weird yet exciting name: WizBuskOut.

In short, WizBuskOut means:

The song of WISDOM unleashed!

“What Are Your Other Areas Of Interest?”

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Other than reading non-fiction books, I love playing my guitar.

Whenever I have time, I just pick it up and start noodling.

Other than this, when I’m not writing, you can find me watching Anime, reading Manga, or playing games on my laptop.

These days, I’m also learning other skills like Cartoon drawing, Marketing, Video editing, etc.

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In the last 16 months, I have helped over 100k people learn ideas from books and helped them improve in all areas of life.

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