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👋Hi there, I’m Shami Manohar.

Founder & Author of WizBuskOut.Com

What’s the easiest way to learn fast and grow?

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If you are here, you probably understand the importance of reading books in your life.

Well, I have been working on this mission for the past 3–4 years to educate more people through book summaries and help them reach their best potential.

Every month, I send book summary updates via email.

And also make readers aware of amazing opportunities and deals.

In short: You’ll get detailed text or animated video book summaries every month for FREE.

In the future, I’ll be bringing more amazing things.

Make sure you don’t miss out!

PS- Also get lots of book summary guides on personal development and business. (More in the future…)


  • You don’t think that reading books will make your life better.
  • You don’t believe the content I’m sharing is valuable. (Seriously, my competitors charge hundreds of dollars for this. I’m giving it for FREE as many people in the world can’t afford to pay. 😐)
  • You don’t like to spend on self-education. But instead would happily spend on cheap entertainment that has no genuine value and will only momentarily satisfy you.
  • You don’t think that my mission is essential for humanity.
  • You think that you are the most important person in the world.
  • You think that the world right now is okay as it is and there are absolutely no problems to solve.
  • You dislike me for some unknown mysterious reason without even knowing me.🙃

If you are any of the above, stay away. I only send emails to those who value my work. Yes, I’m selfish. And I’m telling half of the people not to subscribe 🙂

This is not for everyone.

This is for serious people only who can commit to long-term personal growth and are open to new ideas.

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