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Affiliate disclaimer for participates in Affiliate Marketing programs and paid advertisements to generate revenue. This affiliate marketing disclaimer will disclose details of WizBuskOut’s participation in these affiliate marketing programs. 

An affiliate link is a custom link with embedded track code. This allows for affiliate programs to tell where the traffic was referred from. A product sold through WizBuskOut’s affiliate will generate a small percentage of revenue for the site. This comes at no extra cost to you and is taken out of the Affiliates platform’s end.

My job at WizBuskOut is to write the best summaries or article possible and suggest you the best product in every category I recommend. I take hours to do careful research, consult reviews, and find the best possible choice for your money. I try to find products that will add value to you. By buying the products I recommend, you support this website, which I appreciate greatly.

On pages where affiliate links are present, a disclosure is found disclosing the affiliate marketing participation and the websites and brands I am recommending. I have taken an effort to ensure that you are aware of what website each link will take you too. This is to meet with current google policies and to not deceive our visitors in any way. 

Current Affiliate Partners:

  1. Blinkist 
  2. Generatepress 

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