5 Ways Chunking Makes Your Life a Tad Easier

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Yup, you read the the right thing.

Chunking can literally change your life by making it easier…

In fact, you are already using it in your daily life.

You just don’t realize it.

So why read about it?

Obvious question… 

Because after reading this article, you will using chunking consciously in your daily life.

That means? Improved efficiency.

But before we talk about chunking methods, let’s first understand what it really means.

What Is Chunking?

Put in simple words, chunking is a way of dividing a whole into parts and then combining the parts to generate the whole when needed.

Here is what Wikipedia says about chunking (official definition of chunking):

Chunking is a process by which individual pieces of an information set are broken down and then grouped together in a meaningful whole.

Wikipedia (Source)

Why Is Chunking Important?

It’s simple. Our brain can only process so much amount of information at a time.

Chunking makes sure that you don’t get overwhelmed with information, and thus allows you to process information smoothly.

5 Ways Chunking Technique Makes Your Life Easier

Here are the 5 ways chunking technique can make your life much easier.

1. It Helps You Learn Faster

a kid playing and learning with blocks

Do you find it difficult to understand academic concepts?

If you do, you should use the chunking technique and learn faster.

What is chunking in learning? And how to apply it?

While learning any concept, you should break it down into mini-concepts.

For instance, if you’ve to learn the water-cycle phenomenon, break it down into mini-processes that take place:

Learn about evaporation first.

Then about condensation.

Then Precipitation.

And so on…

Then try to connect the mini-processes that you’ve learned to form a big picture.

That way, your brain will have to spend less power.

And you’ll learn faster.

2. It Helps You Remember Better

remembering process

Have you ever struggled to learn a number like 2143244554313? Or did you struggle in your Maths class to remember formulas?

Thankfully, since you’re reading this article, you’ll never have to struggle again.

It’s true, some people have a brilliant memory while some barely remember anything.

Chunking can’t give you an amazing memory.

But it can surely help you remember things better.

What is chunking in memory?

Let’s understand chunking with an example.

Look at this number: 214324455431

Can you remember it?

If you apply chunking to the above number, it looks like this: 214-324-455-431

Now tell me, which one do you think is easier to retain in your head? Obviously, the second one.

Okay, let’s take another example:

Why do you think it’s easier to remember the below formula?

(a+b)^3= a^3 + b^3 + 3a^2b + 3ab^2

It’s because the right hand side of the equation is divided into chunks.

And that makes it easier to remember.

That’s the power of chunking. It makes things easier.

Why does chunking improve your memory?

Chunking doesn’t directly improve your memory.

But it helps you remember better.

Humans have basically two types of memory:

  1. Short-term memory
  2. Long-term memory

Since chunking technique reduces the complexity of the problem, it feels like it has improved our memory, as it helps to retain information for both short and long term.

But the only thing that happens is that it makes the information easier to remember.

We often tend to forget complex ideas in the long-term.

That’s why people teach part-by-part.

3. It Helps You Stick To Your Goals

Sticking to goals requires a lot of commitment from an individual. Often people struggle in achieving lofty goals.

The main problem which causes that is, people never chunk their goals into smaller ones.

I discussed a similar thing in the Think Small Summary.

In that book, the author explains how thinking small is the key to achieving big goals.

A long journey always starts with small steps (one at a time).

Also, achieving chunked goals require less energy.

Which means more efficiency. 

It also helps one to stay in the right path.

One could evaluate himself after completion of each goal.

So go small… 

Take one step at a time.

And make your life easier.

4. It Helps You Read And Write Effectively

What is chunking in reading/writing? Let’s discuss.

Chunking technique can be used anywhere. It helps a lot in reading and writing.

No wonder why the authors divide their books into chapters. The authors understand this unbelievable power of chunking. It also helps the authors to write effectively.

index of a book

Be it a long-form article or a short one, through chunking one can organize his ideas and put them properly on the page.

I can tell from personal experience!

Imagine if I hadn’t written this article using the chunking technique, you wouldn’t be moving your eyeballs smoothly and reading this article without pain.

In short, chunking makes the life of both the reader and the writer a bit easier.

5. It Helps You Improve Your Mental Health

mental health

Why do you think people experience anxiety or panick attacks? It’s the sudden burst of emotion that causes them.

What is chunking in psychology?

Talking about psychology. if you chunk your emotions and understand them little by little, you’ll be able to control them better.

Chunking can help you improve your mental health by chunking the patterns in your behavior.

Next time you face any emotion like anger bursting out, try to understand the situation by addressing each aspect.

And then work on it.

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Wrapping Up

That’s it. In this article, you realized the potential of chunking various things and got to know five ways chunking makes our life more comfortable.

You might not believe it, but many things you do in life require that you apply the chunking technique.

Remember, getting overwhelmed is the last thing you would want for yourself. So reduce your burden, and move step-by-step.

Make things a bit easier.

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