How To Start A New Life When Your Current Life Sucks? Learn From These 7 Simple Tips

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Do you know how to start a new life? A life filled with new possibilities.

Well, most people think it’s an utterly stupid idea.

But what if I tell you that it’s possible to start a new life from scratch and reinvent yourself during the process.

Life sucks at times, and unlike fiction movies, we can’t travel back in time and tweak history to change the future.

Most of the people fail when it comes to starting fresh in life, which also cultivates the thought in our head that it is impossible to hit the reboot button of life.

If you are in the same dilemma and wish to start it all over again, then this article might help you.

Because in this article I’m going to give you 7 simple tips on how you can start a new life and bend it to the way you want.

Let’s get started!

7 tips on how to start a new life:

1. Break out of your mental cage

break out of your mental cage

Have you ever paid attention to the decisions you make every day?

Most probably, you use the same dominant hand every day to brush your teeth in the morning. You put the shoe in your dominant leg first.

You eat food with the same dominant hand all the time.

The first thing you do after waking up in the morning is to pick your mobile and check out the latest feeds.

These are little everyday examples that show how our brain sets us into fixed patterns and behaviours.

We all get glued to specific patterns and stick to them for our life unless life itself punches us in the face. Isn’t it?

This serves as a roadblock when it comes to beginning a new life. How?

Just think of all the big decisions you are supposed to make in life.

For example:

  • You wish to change your pathetic dull job, but you don’t because you cherish the money it gives you by the end of the month.
  • You wish to exercise every day in the morning, but you don’t because the satisfaction you get by being in bed, and sleeping like a log is unbeatable.

There’s an endless list.

All these are mental cages your brain forges for you.

Here is the thing:

Your brain might be stopping you from breaking through the mental blocks and beginning a new life.

Beware of your brain; it might fool you and push you towards a miserable life.

Now you might be thinking “How can I combat this?”The answer to this is freaking simple.

Observe your behaviour. Try changing your daily habits. Make decisions based on reality, not based on your natural tendency or bias.

This way, you’ll be able to start a fresh life.

2. Pick up a new skill

fun skills to learn

You might be doing similar things every day as discussed in the previous tip.

If you’re a sportsman, you probably end up your entire day practising your sport. If you’re a writer, you spend your day staring at the screen and ruthlessly hitting the keys of the keyboard.

Your profession determines your day. And not only your days, it determines your whole life. You spend your entire life honing and diversifying skills that relate to your profession.

I suggest you pick a skill that is entirely unrelated to your current profession.

If you’re a programmer, try learning cooking or piano or poetry…

Just learn some new skill that requires a different set of approach.

This way, you’ll discover a different side of yourself. You’ll see things from the perspective of other people who have a profession different than yours.

Learning a brand new skill will change the way you live and create a new life of possibilities.

confused which skill to learn

If you’re having trouble deciding which skill to learn, you can check out these websites:

3. Take a break; don’t burn yourself out.

Life is hard, and our monkey-mind makes it even harder.

Repeating the same dull things over and over can burn you out and make you feel stuck in life.

Take a break from your work and travel to a beach or a different country. Try going out in a quiet place where you can sit and relax without bothering about anything.

I would suggest you go to a place which is close to nature like a beach or mountains.

Oh! The stillness and silence at the beaches in the morning, nothing can be more soothing and relaxing than that.

When you’re far away from worldly possessions, you become clear about your goals and priorities in life. You realize the true essence of life and feel the things of beauty that were always present, but you never had an eye for them.

This tip alone is so powerful that it’ll help you reinvent yourself.

Creating a new life isn’t about changing it all; it’s more about realizing what’s going wrong and correcting it.

4. Ditch your mobile phone for a week

ditch your mobile

Mobile phones and other such digital devices have become an integral part of our lives. Even if you try to escape them, that little notification or tweet from a celebrity will compel you to pick your mobile and check what’s new there.

Due to our mind’s nature to close open-ended loops, it becomes irresistible to avoid that urge to check what’s going on in the world.

Let me give you a simple yet daunting task:

If you’re damn serious about beginning a new life, then turn off your mobile phone, put it in a case and then lock it for a week.

If you’re a highly addicted person, then ask your friend or family members to hide it at a place where you don’t have access. This is to make sure that you stay away from your mobile phone for a week.

You might be wondering what’s all this rambling about and how it’ll help you in starting it all over again in life?

Just remember that when you’re away from worldly possessions, your cluttered head clears up, and this is where you tread towards transforming yourself and thus start a new life.

5. Hang out with new people

expand your social circle

We get comfortable hanging out with a specific type of people. You might be having a few friends with which you can’t wait to hang out and have a lot of fun.

By getting used to meet familiar people all the time, we start avoiding people who have different hobbies and interests. We kind of try to stay in a familiar circle of friends.

How does this hurt your life?

When we spend most of our time with the same people every day, a part of their personality is etched into our personality.

In simple words, we start becoming like them.

This is both good and bad in a certain way.

But this also limits our exposure. Seeing the same faces all the time gives our subconscious mind, the signal that we’ve hit a plateau and there is nothing new in our life.

Everything seems repetitive. Eventually, it feels like we’re stuck.

To turn your life around, try changing your social circle.

If you find it hard to make new friends, you can read this book summary.

6. Write it all out

write it all out

If you’d ask me what’s the best way to transform your life into a new and improved one, I’d probably say that’s Writing.

Make a habit of writing a journal or diary at the end of the day.

Write all you did during the day, in the past, and plan to do in the future.

Write how you see yourself in future.

Write your heart out, nobody except you is going to read it anyway.

Now stick to this as long as you can. The longer you’ll stick to it, the better results you’d get in the end.

After doing this for about a month, reflect on your thoughts and thinking patterns.

Figure out what’s troubling you the most, what’s the biggest thing or problem that makes you feel that your life sucks and you’ve hit rock bottom.

Make a list of all the things that must be fixed and then fix them.

This sounds like a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it. After all, changing your life and making a fresh start isn’t a piece of cake. It requires grit, perseverance, attitude, and determination.

7. Understand that bad times shall pass

When you’re thinking about starting it all over, it is most likely that you’re stuck in a bad phase and worrying about how you can avoid it. Desperately trying to fix things, you try out all the little tricks up your sleeve but nothing works.

You need to understand the fact that:

Humanity is bound to face bad times. Luckily, the bad phase doesn’t last for eternity.

After the bad phase is over, a good phase jumps in.

But sometimes, you’re helpless, hopeless, and miserable. And at that moment you need to relax and be patient.

Just remember this:

“Bad times shall pass, and good times shall come soon.”


No matter how hard you try, you can’t hit a restart button, go back in time and change your life, improvising on all the silly mistakes or the blunder you made in the past.

But by following the above tips, you can change or improve your current life, thus reinvent it, and move ahead taking steps conducive to your goals.

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Do you know any other way by which one can start a fresh new life from scratch?

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