The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper (Summary, Review, And Quotes)


What’s in it? Quick Summary

The book “The Unplugged Alpha” by Richard Cooper provides insights on how men can improve themselves and attract high-value women. In the book, Cooper shares his thoughts on topics such as hypergamy, hookup culture, and feminism, and provides advice on how men can build their value by improving their looks, money, status, and game.

The Unplugged Alpha: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Winning with Women & Life
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Richard Cooper (Author) – Richard Cooper (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 03/11/2021 (Publication Date) – Richard Cooper (Publisher)

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About The Author

Richard Cooper is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has made it his mission to help men navigate today’s complex dating and relationship landscape. He is the founder of the popular YouTube channel “Entrepreneurs in Cars” and has authored several books on the topics of masculinity, dating, and personal development. In “The Unplugged Alpha,” Cooper shares his insights on how men can improve themselves and attract high-value women.

Bullet Summary: The Unplugged Alpha

  • Chase excellence, and women will find you attractive.
  • Don’t chase degenerate women. Choose high-quality women and become someone they would want to be with.
  • Build your game with women. Learn conversational skills.
  • Learn self-defense: a man must be masculine and powerful and know how to fight and protect himself and his family.
  • Build your influence: influence is attractive, and if other people like you, chances are your woman will like you as well.
  • Make money: money is powerful and gives you freedom and options.

The Unplugged Alpha Summary

If you are someone who wants to understand female psychology and want to find out what really attracts women, this book summary is for you.

But before we dive into this, just know that the author of this book has shared these ideas based on his experiences and evolutionary psychology. And this book summary in no way intends to spread any negativity towards women.

Alrighty, so without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Lesson #1: Women are valued more by others if they are beautiful. While men are valued more if they are successful.

In the book, the author talks about how the game is harder for men than it is for women.

In the worst case, a beautiful woman, even if she isn’t successful, she can marry a super successful guy.

But the opposite is never going to happen.


Because women are hypergamous in nature.

They always look up to those who they think have higher value.

But for men, they don’t care much about what a woman does. As long she is beautiful, most of them don’t care whether she is successful in her career or not.

Society doesn’t treat men well if they are weak or unemployed. As a man, you always have to work hard and do physically demanding things.

Men are supposed to become providers. That’s the rule of the game.

Now, don’t get this wrong. It doesn’t mean that a man with high physical attractiveness will not get any advantage.

Anything that pleases us visually is always welcomed.

But society treats both men and women differently.

No matter how much we want them to be equal, there is always a difference in our perception — there is always a difference in how we judge both genders.

This difference is because of the difference in biology and evolution.

Remember how our ancestors lived in caves. Men had to provide for their families. While women had to give birth to children and cook meals.

Women have always selected men based on their ability to provide for the family and protect during tough times.

What does this mean for a man?

It means that as a man, if you are not strong, and you are unemployed, and you don’t have any purpose in life, you will be treated as a failure by not just women, but by everyone.

That might sound unfair. But who said life is a fair game?

Life was never fair. And it never will be.

We are always competing for power, for survival, for partners, and for so many other things.

Now, again, don’t get this wrong. It doesn’t mean that you have to see everybody as your competitor all the time.

Men should just accept the reality, that’s all — that the game isn’t fair. And realize that if they are not constantly improving, they are falling behind others are working on themselves.

Weak men cry about how tough the life is.

While strong men accept the reality and adapt.

Usually, we call those weak men “beta.” And the stronger ones are called “alpha.”

Women don’t find betas very attractive. These are the ones who get friend-zones by women.

Alphas are few. And 80% women want those 20% alphas.

The question is: Which one are you?

Are you among those 20% alphas that women would go crazy for, or are you among those 80% betas that women just talk to when they want to self-validate themselves?

Remember, women always date those who they think are of higher values.

Betas are plenty. Alphas are few. Guess who is the higher value?

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Lesson #2: If she doesn’t respect her father, she might struggle to respect you.

Now, please don’t get this wrong, it doesn’t mean that if a girl had a bad father, then it was her fault.

But in most cases, if she has a bad father, it’s very likely that she would find it extremely difficult to respect another man.

A man will always have problems dealing with those girls.

The author calls those girls as “girls with daddy issues.”

If you have read the book “Attached,” then you might know how people with different attachment styles act differently in their relationships.

Girls with daddy issues either turn avoidant or anxious.

Either they always push you away or they are either too possessive.

Usually, they act in an extreme manner.

Most of the time, a girl with daddy issues, will give you drama and problems.

The author believes that if the man who did everything for her couldn’t earn her respect, why do you, a man she only met a few months ago, think you stand a chance?

If she has daddy issues, there is a high probability that you’ll have issues too.

Especially if you enter a long-term relationship with someone who had daddy issues, be ready to deal with a lot of problems down the road.

The opposite could also be true: If she had the best daddy in the world, then she might find it difficult to have that same level of respect for another man in her life.

If we just keep it simple, just try to find out if she had any issues with her father, if there weren’t any, then there is no problem, have fun.

This red flag has to be checked, especially when you are dating already and planning to enter a long-term relationship.

Also, remember that exceptions are always there.

So, you have to think critically before you make these decisions.

And at the same time, you have to be very vigilant.

There are so many girls on the planet.

The author says that 50% of the population is women, so a man must not feel any sort of scarcity.

If the girl with you doesn’t respect you, there is no point in going through all that pain.

And this brings us to the next lesson.

Lesson #3: Your woman has to complement your life, not complicate it.

A lot of guys get desperate for women. They view women as a trophy or accomplishment.

Especially if somebody is single and has never been with a girl, he may believe that any girl would improve his life.

Guess what do they do?

When they find a girl, they subconsciously put her on a pedestal and start treating her like a queen.

They forget that, although she is a girl, she is just another person.

Usually, you’ll find that betas show this kind of behavior.

Beta males don’t screen girls like alphas do.

Out of their desperation, they forget to consider whether a girl has a genuine desire for them or not.

Some clever girls even manipulate those betas to self-validate themselves and pay their bills.

Now, don’t get this wrong, not every girl is like that.

But girls can sense if a man is alpha or beta.

The author suggests that if you are alpha, don’t be desperate. Alphas are usually the guys who are high-value with good looks, personality, money, and game.

So, they don’t chase women like beta males. Instead, women pursue alpha males.

Alphas understand that a partner should complement their lives. If they notice any red flags or disrespectful behavior, they move out of the relationship.

Alphas are never desperate for a single girl. They maintain an abundance mindset, and girls can sense it. This makes them even more attractive in the eyes of the girls.

As we discussed, hypergamy is a natural tendency among some women to seek partners who are perceived to be of higher social status or income. However, it is not accurate to say that all women engage in hypergamy, nor is it fair to assume that women who do seek partners with higher social status or income are necessarily selfish or seeking to exploit others.

The author says, “Women wait at the finish line and choose the winners.”

Alphas are the trophy for women. While for betas, women are their trophy. There is a clear difference in both the mindsets.

Alpha males always check for red flags in women before committing to a long-term relationship.

For example, if men find any signs that a woman is promiscuous and has many male friends, they are less likely to commit to her.

Alphas reciprocate value.

If a girl isn’t replying to their messages, they don’t continue texting her in the hope that she will reply one day.

Alphas value their time above all else as they strive for excellence. They don’t waste their time playing silly mind games or learning pickup lines like betas.

Women can discern whether a man is alpha or beta simply by looking into his eyes.

If you want to be an alpha, increase your value. And try to attract high-value females.

Always remember that you become the average of the people you spend your time with. High-value guys understand this. So, they choose wisely.

Lesson #4: Avoid girls who are too invested in hookup culture.

We live in times when almost all content on the internet is hyper-sexualized. Every content will provoke you in some way.

And when you live in that kind of environment surrounded by all that hot content with your hormones and emotions at peak, it’s easy to get distracted from your purpose in life.

It’s even easier to get distracted for those who don’t even have a purpose.

Moreover, hookup culture or casual encounters are celebrated as if they make us more modern.

If you are not doing so-and-so by the age of 19, you are a loser, they say.

Even in the movies and serials, random hookups have been normalized.

Plus, if you are a girl, and you’re a beautiful, for some girls, it could be a way to self-validate themselves by having fun with betas.

But the author says that if a woman has a very high body count, then it’s a red flag.

It only means that she can’t remain loyal to her man.

A high body count isn’t an achievement. It only shows that the person isn’t trustworthy in the long term.

But again, according to the author, high count of “that” is more of a problem for men. Because the laws are not favorable to them. In the case of a divorce, the father has to pay for the kids and the mother and in most case the mother gets the custody of the children. The father is left in ruins.

So, the author advises men to make sure she has a low body count.

Women with high body count become bad wives in general.

Plus, hookup culture messes up with the minds of people so much. It gives you a sense that pleasure is the highest thing in life.

It pushes you away from your purpose.

So many relationships are ruined because of that culture.

That culture doesn’t allow you to see people as human beings, it makes you see them as objects that can be used for pleasure.

Usually, women involved in too many hookups have a messed up mind. They find it difficult to feel a genuine, strong connection with the man they enter into a long-term relationship with.

As an alpha, you can save yourself so much time by avoiding women who have so much action going on already.

Find high-value girls. They are loyal. They respect men. They are ambitious. They are not feminists.

Find a girl who genuinely wants to be with you and will add so much value to your life.

She will be there with you when you will get sick. She will cook for you.

She will complement your life. And not destroy it with drama.

The author suggests that you can be “friends with benefits” with a girl with a high body count if it works for you, but a long-term relationship with such a girl will create problems in the future. As soon as she finds a better man, she won’t waste her time ending the relationship.

All healthy relationships have loyalty and values at their core.

So, it’s better to watch for these red flags very early on.

Lesson #5: Avoid a long-term relationship with a woman who is feminist and doesn’t respect men in general.

These days we have weird propaganda of Feminism.

A lot of women are spreading negative messages about men in the name of Feminism.

The true feminism is about empowering women, not about proving that all men are bad.

The author implies that if you notice this kind of twisted feminism within a girl, exit the relationship immediately. You don’t have to suffer just because someone doesn’t understand what feminism really is.

What is wrong with Feminist women?

They all think that:

A) All men are the same.

B) All men are cheaters.

C) Men don’t deserve respect.

D) All men are toxic.

E) All men are privileged.

F) Men prevent women from becoming successful.

The problem with this thinking is that it puts all men in the same box.

When in reality, all people are different with different traits.

It’s unfair to judge like this. In fact, that’s bad judgment.

Feminism was supposed to empower women, but western women have somehow got a very toxic form of it.

Kindly note that not all females are feminists. And they all carry very different definitions of feminism.

We are here only discussing the toxic form of feminism.

Now, how to notice a feminist?

They are rebellious in nature. The author says that they will do things that are not feminine. They will do things that are masculine.

Basically, those feminists try to imitate things men do — even if they don’t make sense.

The author shares his concern that “Today’s version of feminism is so toxic that it is anti=femininity. It encourages women to hate men, while simultaneously encouraging them to behave like men…”

In short: It’s better to single than enter a long-term relationship with a toxic feminist.

Lesson #6: Build your value by improving looks, money, status, and game.

The author says: “women desire a man other women want.”

And to be there, you have to be an alpha male. You have to be in that top 20%.

The question is: How to achieve that as a man?

Well, here are a few things you can do to improve your value.

A) Own a motorcycle.

Motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom and is attractive. So have one. It helps a lot.

B) Learn self-defense.

A man must be masculine and powerful. You must know how to fight and protect yourself and your family. C) Go to the gym.

If you are not fit, things will be difficult for you. Health should be your number one priority.

Everything else is secondary. So go to the gym and exercise daily. Don’t waste your time watching reels, sitting all day and doing nothing.

D) Build your influence.

Influence is attractive. If other people like you, chances are your woman will like you as well. The best part? You don’t have to look attractive to build influence. Anybody can build influence with hard work. Remember what the author says, “Women want guys other women want.”

E) Make money.

Money is powerful. It gives you freedom, it gives you options. If you have money, your life will become a bit easier compared to those who are broke.

F) Learn how to carry interesting conversations with girls.

If you can’t communicate well, you’ll never be able to build that deeper connection with a girl. So learn how to talk to girls respectfully.

Lesson #7: Whether you are a male or female, always think thrice before you enter a long-term relationship and see whether your values match or not.

Most of the guys don’t realize that what they call love is most of the time physical attraction.

Many couples get so invested in the relationship very early on without thinking whether they are compatible with each other or not.

Men need to think prudently before making any commitments.

Learning about feminine nature is thus very important.

And there are very genuine reasons for doing so.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

A) Women lie all the time. And so do men. So watch a person’s actions, not their words.

A lot of people are pathological liars.

And liars are usually cheaters.

An alpha must not tolerate any kind of cheating in the relationship.

The problem is: No liar admits he/she is a liar.

Especially, a lot of women are masters at lying due to evolutionary psychology.

Normally, women lie to avoid uncomfortable or unwanted scenarios.

So, how does a man spot lies?

Simply, watch her actions.

And see if her actions align with her words or not.

B) “All kinds of rules women tell are for betas. They break rules for alphas all the time.”

This might sound a bit polarizing to some people.

But the author busts the myth of how most girls come up with things like “boundaries” and “rules” when they simply are not interested in the man.

They do this to avoid confrontation.

The author strongly says that those same girls, when they are with alphas, they break all those rules.

For example, she might say that she doesn’t like short guys in general. But if the shorter guy is an alpha, she will break that rule.

In other words, if a girl is giving excuses, just understand that it is likely those excuses are only for you, or other betas.

It all depends on what she thinks about you.

You may be an alpha, but if she thinks you are a beta, well, don’t suffer by overthinking it, simply move on. You will find a better partner.

The Unplugged Alpha Review

The Unplugged Alpha: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Winning with Women & Life
  • Audible Audiobook
  • Richard Cooper (Author) – Richard Cooper (Narrator)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 03/11/2021 (Publication Date) – Richard Cooper (Publisher)

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a) Although the book is a bit polarizing, it encourages men to chase excellence. The author wants men to become super successful and fit. He wants men to be more muscular. At the end of the day, all people want winners in their lives. Nobody likes losers.

b) The book is so direct and straightforward. He just gets to the point quickly. The book is unfiltered.


a) Encourages hookup culture, which is destroying the society.

Hookup culture tells you to become hedonistic.

But people who indulge too much in pleasure create long-term pain for themselves.

b) Overgeneralization of ideas and extreme bias towards one gender.

For example, the author says that “all women will weaponize their kids at the time of divorce. And that the women you marry will not be the same woman you divorce.”

Well, even if it’s true, not all women do this. That’s why it’s an overgeneralization.

All people are different. And before they are man or woman, they are a person.

I don’t agree with many things in the book. Not all people who marry use children as weapons. I have seen very successful marriages. This might be happening a lot in western countries, but things are very different in other parts of the world.

But yes, these days, society seems like it’s against men and promoting stupid feminism ideology and brainwashing all the women.

Who is this book for?

A) Anyone who wants to become an attractive male.

B) Anyone who wants a high-quality partner.

C) Men who are in the red-pill community.

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