9 Reasons You Are Important Than You Think

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Has anyone ever told you that you are important?

“Do I matter?”

“Why do I even exist on this planet?”

How often do you ask these type of questions to yourself?

You know what? It is natural and humane to have such thoughts floating around in your head.

We all come at a stage of life where we start doubting our existence and wonder if there is any meaning to our existence.

In this world, where self-obsession has become a thing, it is common to find the situations that make us reevaluate our beliefs and opinions regarding how we see and think of ourselves.

But does that mean that you should have second thoughts about the importance or significance of your existence?

Obviously not!

In this article, I’m going to give you 9 reasons why you are more important than you think and why you should never doubt your existence.

Let’s jump right in!

9 Reasons You Are Important

1. You can serve this planet and its people


It doesn’t matter how aimless your life is or how much dollars you make.

Even if you’re scraping by, you can always contribute towards the growth of humanity.

Humans, right now, are one of the top species that is ruthlessly and carelessly consuming the resources of this planet. You can ameliorate this blunder.

How? You can serve the earth by saving resources and planting a tree.

Just as you water the tree and nourish it, you can nourish humanity with your knowledge or expertise.

Imagine if you don’t exist.

Will there be any difference?

The answer to this is subjective.

Now think the other way round…

Just because you exist, humanity has the potential to grow in a positive direction.

Serving others is doing something much higher than your existence that gives you a sense of fulfilment and significance.

Therefore, this incredible power to serve the people and nature, that you possess makes you an essential asset to the universe.

2. You are a genius in your own way

you are genius in your own way

Every human being holds an innate talent that gives him the ability to do certain things better than the others.

You might have heard cliches like:

Everyone is unique.

Find your passion, and you’ll succeed.

I don’t remember all of them, but you got what I mean, right?

These aren’t just motivational ideas that make a whole lot of money.

They all point to the same fundamental idea and are based on the belief that every person has some genius lying dormant within him. And one only needs to tap into that unlimited potential and bring it out creatively.

But the sad reality is: it’s hard to bring out that inner genius. Sometimes it’s accidental too, but that is rare.

One needs to be in the right moment, right place and the right time to accidentally bring out his inner genius.

Thousands have failed, and thousands have succeeded over the years, there are people whose success stories you hear all the time on social channels.

Also, there are failure stories that become a thing for gossip in town, and eventually everybody forgets them.

The question is: which one are you?

You must never let the circumstances get the better of you.

Always seek out ways and opportunities to guide and bring your inner genius out because you’re more important than you think.

3. Some people cherish you

You can’t deny this: there are always some people who love and admire you, who wait for you to come and spend quality time with them. These people may be your family, friends or colleagues.

They wait for you because you matter to them.

And therefore you’re super important.

4. You are a product of millennia

you are a product of millenia

Many scientists share a belief that all the humans have evolved from common ancestors. And over the years, genetically, we’ve become more efficient at using our brains.

We’ve discovered tools that further contribute to human development.

You already have a highly efficient brain which has evolved over the millennia, that our ancestors didn’t have. This simple fact makes you unique and one of a kind.

And that’s why you’re important as you’ll contribute to the further evolution of humans.

5. Your existence matters despite what others say

Whether you matter to someone or not, whether you are important or not, it mustn’t come from other people. (Don’t worry if you failed to get this one)

Let me explain:

You and only you must evaluate the importance of your existence. When you let others decide whether you’re important or not, others might use this power to manipulate you as they see fit.

You must never give others the power to evaluate your worth and significance.

If you think you are important, then you’re are right. But on the contrary, if even you don’t believe that you are important, then you might not be that important.

And this is the reason you must weed out this sick mentality of feeling insignificant and change your attitude for the best.

6. You have goals and dreams to pursue

You have goals and dreams to pursue

You might be having goals and ideas that you wish to make real.

The thing is: when you realize your dreams, you create a change in the lives of others.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you own small business…

Then probably, you have a network of people working with you.

Now, every single tiny decision you’ll make will affect the lives of all those who are in your network.

Your dreams will take both you and the others on a journey that they’ll remember for all their lives.

The point is – your goals and dreams don’t just remain yours, as the time flies they bring in people. The bigger your dreams, the bigger the number of people required to realize them.

You’re never on your own in the first place.

We often believe that our actions and decisions affect only our own lives but, the extent to which they affect others is remarkable.

The truth is we influence others more than we think we do.

You’ve desires, influences, and aspirations. And this is the reason you’re important.

7. You are an inspiration

you are an inspiration

When you realize your goals by putting your time and effort, and when you turn the impossible into possible, you motivate others.

Those who see your thrilling adventurous journey to the end get inspired.

During your life, you inspire people around you without even knowing. People might learn from you and get influenced by you and your life.

You don’t need a big persona to inspire. You can inspire people in little things that matter in life. For instance, you can spread happiness in the world.

People around you might learn to smile after getting inspired by you.

You never know when you become an inspiration to someone, and that’s why you need to realize that you are significant.

8. If you don’t matter then nobody else matters

This sounds rough, doesn’t it?

I agree it is, but it’s also true.

Anyhow, we’re all the same. How?

Well, for instance:

We all belong to the same species.

We all are social animals who breathe the same air (quality may differ depending on geographic location).

We all need food, water and shelter to maintain our existence on this planet.

And when we’re all the parts cut from the same cloth, then how is this possible that one part isn’t important?

9. You are the change

you are the change

You have the potential to bring a tremendous change in the lives of other people with your actions.

When you strongly believe that you are highly significant, then you become the source of change, the kind of change that is needed to boost people’s spirits.

And guide them towards a bright future.

Even if you don’t wish to, your life impacts the lives of those around you.

Therefore, you mustn’t let yourself feel insignificant and get discouraged.


Above reasons conclude why your existence is a boon to humanity.

There’ll always be times when you’ll feel that you’ve hit rock bottom. And when you do, you can still read this article and remind yourself how important you are to all.

You must never let yourself doubt in your life if you’re important or not.

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Are we all equally important or some are more important than others?

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