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Quick Summary: The Power Of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer introduces a new way of seeing ‘intention.’ He says that intention is an infinite and eternal source that guides all the creation in this universe. And only by connecting with it can one do wonders.

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Who should read The Power Of Intention Summary, and why?

The Power of Intention by Dyer, Dr. Wayne W. (2005) Paperback
  • Brand: Penguin Random House
  • Language: english
  • Wayne W. Dyer (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 01/01/2009 (Publication Date) - Hay House Inc (Publisher)

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This book is best for people who are on the spiritual side.

Those who believe in God or soul (or something like that) would easily relate to all the concepts shared in this book.

Why this book?

This book would give you an interesting take on “intention.”

After reading this book, you’ll realize how powerful intention can be and how you can access its unlimited potential.

If you read this book, you’ll start to look at “intention” differently. And use it to live a harmonious life filled with peace and satisfaction.

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About the Author

Wayne Dyer
Credit: Source

According to this website, Dr. Wayne is a renowned author and speaker in the Self-improvement niche.

He has written around 40 books, out of which 21 are New York Times bestsellers.

His fans have also been called the “father of motivation”. Read more about Dyer on Wikipedia.

The Power Of Intention Summary [PDF]

Let’s not waste any time and dive right into the summary.

What does intention mean?

You know what ‘intention’ means, right?

Here is the dictionary definition of ‘intention’ from

intention meaning

Intention, in general, means something that you plan to carry out.

For example: If I intend to play basketball tomorrow evening, that means I’m planning to play basketball tomorrow evening.

But in this book, the author gives us a new perspective towards intention.

Who knew this one single word could be that big of a deal?

Or did you?

So what does intention mean, according to the author?

The author says that intention is the source of all creation. It’s an invisible field of high-vibration energy present everywhere in the universe and guides all creation.

Let’s dig deeper.

The author says that the egg doesn’t know what form it’ll take in the future at the time of conception, but since the intention is inside everything, it guides the entire process like a program.

Think of intention as a soul particle, which is present inside us and helps us progress.

the power of intention

The author says that the intention is infinite and can’t be divided into two parts.

The nature of intention is such that it keeps on expanding.

The intention is a significant energy source capable of doing wonders and is behind everything in this universe.

For instance, look at the things around you. They all have intention inside them.

Intention exists in all life forms.

The whole concept might feel weird at first.

But when you read the book, you realize that the author has beautifully explained how deep the intention is.

So what’s the big idea?

The idea is that if you manage to connect with the intention and tap into its power, you’ll live a peaceful life. This is the central theme of this book.

All the chapters in this book guide you towards building a link to the unlimited source of creation and living in harmony with it.

If you are disconnected from intention, you are probably struggling to live a peaceful life.

But on the flip side, if you are in contact with the intention, you’re able to access the limitless potential of the intention and live a life filled with spirits. You are flowing with energy and happiness.

That was just an overview of what intention is.

Now let’s understand the nature of intention to understand it better.

Intention is Infinite

intention is infinite

The reason why people struggle to believe and understand the intention is that they can’t process intention. People don’t know how to fit it in words and mathematical equations.


Because intention has ever-increasing nature.

Even as you read this summary, the intention is expanding.

Nobody knows the limit of intention.

It has no beginning. It has no end. All because it’s at the core of all the creation.

We can’t find where that core is.

You might have heard of the Big Bang theory. But that’s a theory, right? Nothing is certain.

In short: Nobody knows.

All the creation that you can see exists because the intention is finding ways to expand itself.

It’s invisible to our naked eyes. But just like this universe, it’s growing … and growing … and growing.

It’s so powerful that it can’t be stopped.

In fact, only a few people could access it as they can’t overcome certain obstacles, which I’ll discuss later.

Intention is Omnipresent

Most people live in ignorance. They deny the existence of intention.

Some people call it God. Some call it energy.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. It exists everywhere.

Think of intention as a big giant infinite sphere of energy.

Now take 1/1000….th part of it. That’s you.

Yes, that’s how great intention is. It fills the entire cosmos.

It’s so omnipresent that it’s unfathomable by human minds.

That’s the beauty of intention.

The author says that if you try to cut intention in half, you’d still get the infinite intention.

It’s similar to how you can’t divide infinity into two parts. It’s practically useless to think of such a thing.

The problem with humans

The problem today is:

We’ve lost touch or the connection with the infinite source of creativity, wisdom, happiness, life, etc., which is intention.

We are more connected to this material world and have forgotten that we are a piece of God.

But how did this happen?

Look, animals believe in their true nature. For example, a lion knows that it has to hunt to survive and live happily. It just does what he has to do. That’s the nature of a lion.

But humans have complex brains.

We can question everything.

And since we can’t understand the intention or infinite soul, we ignore it —even deny its existence.

I bet if you tell your friends about intention, they would probably laugh at you.

According to the author, the problem is due to our ego.

Here are a few thoughts that represent the ego:

  • “I am my achievements.”
  • “I am what I have.”
  • “I am what other people think of me.”
  • “I’m separate from others.

See the problem?

We give ourselves too much importance and believe that we are superior.

But in reality, the intention is all-pervasive and is the one that guides all creation.

Of course, you have your free will, but at the back of it, there is the intention that guides you in its own way, which is incomprehensible to a human mind.

The 7 Faces Of Intention

The author shares seven faces of intention:

  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Expansion
  • Unlimited Abundance
  • Receptivity

Let’s talk a bit about each of those.


Creativity happens when an artist taps into the source of all creation. To connect with intention, one has to empty his mind and surrender. One has to put faith in the power of intention. The moment you doubt the existence of intention, you get away from it. One needs to build a link to all that infinite creative energy.


The author says that something that guides all the intention can’t be unkind. If you are kind, you’ll better be able to access intention. The more you become like intention, the more you harmonize with it.


The same is with love. The more you love being close to intention, the closer you get to it.


The author says that the one behind all these beautiful life-forms is itself very beautiful. Imagine a beautiful flower. Could the one who knows how to guide the seed to a beautiful flower be ugly? Probably not. Intention exists both in physical and non-physical forms. And it’s the most beautiful and alive thing ever.


Consider air. Just as it expands in free space, intention also expands limitlessly.

Unlimited Abundance

The intention is available to all. So even if everyone uses it, it won’t deplete. It’s in infinite abundance.


Intention accepts everyone. It doesn’t discriminate. If one puts faith in it and tries to access it, it willingly provides itself to that person.

So these were some ways you could experience intention.

Remember, the more you exhibit these qualities, the closer you’ll find yourself to intention.

For example, when you think like an artist, you get the chance to tap into your creative source. The more love you show to other people, the closer you are to the intention.

When you think that you have what you desire in abundance, the more quickly you achieve it. This happens because, by acceptance, you get to use some power of intention.

The author says that the above 7 faces of intention are the best way to access intention.

Stay connected to each of these faces!

Will vs. Imagination

You don’t need to use your will alone as it’s less effective.

Use your imagination, which is closer to intention.

Imagination can help you think of the end goal. And since it’s closer to intention, it guides you towards your goal.

On the other hand, willpower is limited.

You can’t achieve your goals or full potential by sheer willpower.

Why struggle with willpower alone when you could access infinite energy through your imagination?

Again, the more you use your imagination, the faster you achieve your goals.

In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Imagination helps you to begin with the end in mind.

visualization of idea

The magic happens when you work in harmony with the intention. Because it guides you, it knows how everything will fit into the bigger scheme.

The author clarifies that your destiny isn’t defined; it’s just that you have to adapt to work in harmony with the intention.

You can exercise your free will.

Intention works as a silent partner.

Yes, no one will see the intention working with you.

The author says that whenever he writes any book, he says to himself, “I intend to create this book.” And he then imagines his final copy of the book. That’s how the author finished this book too.

I agree. All this might sound weird and illogical.

But that’s the nature of intention.

You have to believe in it.

You have to feel like you’re a part of an infinite soul.

Nobody can prove the existence of intention, whether you believe it or not.

The obstacles while connecting to the intention

obstacles while connecting to intention

According to the author, there are 3 main obstacles people face while trying to connect with intention.

  • Wrong thoughts
  • Lower energy levels
  • High ego

Wrong Thoughts

People carry wrong thoughts in their minds, which disconnects them from intention. They complain about all the things they don’t have in their lives.

For example, they might say, “I don’t have enough _____.”

i don't have enough

The author suggests that one should instead think, “I intend to have or create enough _________.”

I intend to create enough

When you have such thoughts, you get connected to the intention, which guides you in the right direction.

Lower Energy Levels

The intention has a high energy level. So if you want to connect to the intention, you need to raise your energy levels or try to match it.

The energy levels might get lowered due to a variety of reasons.

For instance, you may have lower energy people around you. Or you may be watching negative news channels.

So try to raise your energy levels using one of the 7 faces of intention. For example, you can be kind to other people and spread love in the world.

Doing so will not only raise your energy levels but others’ too.

High Ego

I think this is one of the most significant obstacles while connecting to the ultimate source of energy.

People think that they are separate from God. They believe that God is something else. But they don’t realize that they are part of that infinite power.

The ego prevents people from establishing that divine link with the almighty.

How can you check your ego?

Check if you are using these sentences:

  • “I am my possessions.”
  • “I am my reputation.”
  • “I am superior to others.”

Ego can make you blind to the divine source of all creation.

Denial of such limitless power disconnects you from it.

Taking an appointment with infinity

appointment with infinity

The author shares two different points of view here:

  1. All humans are mortals.
  2. All humans live forever as they are part of the infinite soul energy.

Let me explain both of the points of view.

Perspective #1: All humans are mortals

The thing is:

We all are going to die one day.

Even as we breathe, our bodies are decaying. We are already dying.

In short:

Death is inevitable. You just can’t change this fact!

You already know this, right?

Some people forget this fact and think that they’ll live forever. They celebrate their birthdays, but they live in denial mode and ignore talking about death.

So ultimately, we are mortal beings.

Perspective #2: We live forever as we are a part of God

This is a new perspective given by the author.

Intention or soul is eternal. It never dies. It is the source of all life in the world.

And since we all are part and parcel of the eternal soul, we can’t die either.

Of course, our bodies may rot after a few 80-100 years, but our soul, being a part of the eternal, infinite energy, will live on forever.

Ultimately, we’ll connect to our source. And live on with it.

Sounds strange and stupid, right?

But if you believe in intention or soul, this concept will make sense.

This is what the author calls taking an appointment with infinity.

Death here only happens for the physical part of our body, not our spiritual aspect.

In the end, our spiritual part will meet with the original source.

The advantage of having this perspective is that the fear of death gets reduced to nothing.

When you think you won’t die and you are not your body, there is no doubt or fear of death.

Isn’t it great?

But that will only happen if you genuinely believe in the concept of eternal soul or intention, as the author gave in this book.

The Power Of Intention Quotes

Here are a few notable quotes:

“Self-actualizing people must be what they can be.”

Abraham Maslow // Psychologist

“Everyone is a born genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”

Buckminster Fuller // Architect

“Anxiety is the mark of spiritual insecurity.”

Thomas Merton // Monk

Turning Ideas Into Reality

Although everything you’ve learned so far is purely theoretical, you can do some things to make it practical.

Here are some implementation tips and key takeaways:

  • You can do visualization practices.
  • You can try meditating for a few minutes every day.
  • You can be kind to people.
  • You can appreciate the beauty of all the life forms on this planet.
  • You try to get rid of your ego.
  • You can try to be more conscious of your thoughts.
  • You can try to be more creative by expressing yourself through various means.

Want more lessons and takeaways?

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The Power Of Intention Review

The Power of Intention by Dyer, Dr. Wayne W. (2005) Paperback
  • Brand: Penguin Random House
  • Language: english
  • Wayne W. Dyer (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 01/01/2009 (Publication Date) - Hay House Inc (Publisher)

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This is a generic self-help book.

The problem with this book is that it makes you feel as if there is some perfect thing in the universe (here Intention) that can grant access to all your solutions like infinite wisdom, creativity, etc.

But I don’t think everybody would believe “The Intention Theory.”

You might even think, “what’s the point of this book?” after reading it.

This book is longer than it should be. A lot of times, the author repeats the same ideas.

The intention of the author is right, though.

But it isn’t easy to feel the same way as the author does.

You may struggle to apply the ideas discussed in this book.

Although, at the end of each chapter, the author has provided some actionable tips. But again, they are primarily spiritual. Not everybody would get those things.

I don’t know. Maybe what the author says is true. But unless you experience those things, it’s tough to say anything.

What I found disappointing in this book was the author has replaced the word “God” or “Energy” with “intention.”

It felt like I was reading the Bhagavad Gita from a different perspective.

I liked some places where the author has tried to use science. I also loved the chapter where the author talks about the appointment with infinity.

It’s a genius of the author to present such a complex topic in such a simple way.

But on the practical side of things, I didn’t find much value.

On the spiritual side of things, this book can help you become more peaceful and spiritual.

It’s hard for me to review this. Because some concepts are so subjective, and I don’t have enough data and experience in using “intention.”

Anyway, this book focuses more on believing things rather than doing something.

Still, I’ll take my time and try to implement this book’s ideas in my life. And I’ll update it here if needed.

I would give this book a rating of 6.5/10.

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FAQs about The Power Of intention by Wayne Dyer

What is the meaning of the power of intention?

It means that The Intention is the source of everything in this universe. And everything in existence exists because of it.

How does Wayne Dyer define intention?

Wayne defines Intention as the source of everything that exists in the universe.

How do you harness the power of intention?

You harness the power of intention by realizing it and feeling your intrinsic connection with it.

Who wrote The Power of intention?

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote The Power Of Intention.

What are the 7 faces of intention?

The 7 faces of Intention are Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Unlimited Abundance, and Receptivity.

Is The Power Of Intention Worth Reading?

Yes, it’s worth reading at least once. It’ll give you a different perspective on life.

Where can I buy the Power Of Intention?

You can get it on Amazon: Check the price here.

Now it’s your turn!

I guess The Power Of Intention Summary enlightened you a bit and brought you a little closer to the intention.

Your turn now…

Feel free to write any of your doubts in the comment section below.

Do you believe in the power of intention? Does it make sense to you?

Don’t forget to share this summary with your friends and family members. It’d help.

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